Category: Ruby on Rails

  • How to implement a BrowserID Primary

    While working on my browserid-provider gem I had to figure out a few basic things to get this working, so I thought I’d share the essence here. UPDATE: The primary source now is found at MDN. The requirements for a BrowserID Primary Identity Provider are as follows. A Primary authorize and certify users of it’s…

  • BrowserID for Ruby on Rails

    I just extracted my BrowserID authentication into Ruby gems devise-browserid and warden-browserid. The code is up at Github, as you should expect. I’m sorry for the lack for tests, but I thought I’d get the code out first.

  • Manually testing Rails REST API with cURL

    I was reading REST-esting with cURLĀ and found this very useful for manually testing my RailsĀ JSON APIs. I am using Cucumber for my Behavious-Driven Development but I find that I often need to see how it feels to actually use the API with other tools than the Ruby ones. I noticed that when running tests, the…